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Tiphaine Kazi-Tani
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Tiphaine Kazi-Tani is a designer/researcher. An associate to the CoDesign Lab (Telecom ParisTech, UMR i3), they currently teaches at École de Condé-Paris and École Supérieure d'Art et de Design de Saint-Étienne. Their work focuses on the relationships between design and activism, and more specifically on the forms of acquisition, appropriation and circulation of activist knowledge, and has been presented in Centre Georges Pompidou, California College of the Arts, Biennale Internationale de Design de Saint-Étienne, La Gaîé Lyrique, etc. A regular collaborator to the Cité du Design Research Centre, they has been a co-curator to the Biennale Internationale de Design 2017.

Session Title: Citizenship: resolving tensions

Together, we aim to debate on and look for answers to the societal issues at stake in the current state of our economically and ecologically over-saturated world. Citizenship will serve as a guideline in our approach to educational and social practices committed to envisioning the future of design, of the city, and of the planet. We propose a collective reflection on the notion of individual responsibility for all stakeholders - designers, architects, sociologists, urban planners - in order to find solutions to create new patterns of life.