Deputy Managing Director, Fondation Culture et Diversité

Saïd Berkane

Deputy Managing Director of Fondation Culture & Diversité, Saïd Berkane joined the team in 2014 after graduating in the Management of Cultural Industries from Kedge Business School. Before joining Culture & Diversité he had had some experience in fundraising and implementing projects in various cultural institutions such as the Centre Pompidou. Throughout his first years at the foundation, he was in charge of partnerships, and also the coaching of the young artists who participated in the programs set up by the foundation and the main public art schools in France. He has also been in charge of a social impact study on the activities lead by the foundation.

Session Title: What conditions are necessary to ensure the transmission of knowledge and know-how?

If the notion of transmission is often associated with that of heritage, and hence with the incurring risk of repetition or of being pointless, it also transcends the idea of donation as it questions its significations, as well as the implication of its actors. The act of transmission takes place in a context which is at once a material, cultural, economic and ideological one, and which contributes, in the eyes of the receiver, to the ‘construction’ of the information that he/she is supposedly being transmitted. It is in this multifaceted context that the relationship between the receiver, his/her existing knowledge, and the transmitter, come into play.