Priscilla JOKHOO

director, Business Department – French Federation of Women’s Ready-to-Wear

Priscilla JOKHOO
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After a solid career in fashion, marketing and trade development, at the age of 30 Priscilla Johkoo became director of the business division of the Fédération Française du Prêt à Porter Féminin (French Women's Ready-to-Wear Federation). As an INSEEC and Mod'Spé-Paris graduate she started her professional career in 2006 in the marketing department of TNS Wordpanel Fashion, then joined the ethical brand Article 23 in 2009 as Sales Director. In 2011 she took charge of sales strategy and marketing in France for the American company Baci Lingerie. Parallel to this she also accompanies young firms in developing their strategy, and has thus built up a vast network of contacts with institutions as well as distribution circuits. Her global vision and her crosscutting career path contribute to the "Business" strategy of the Federation.

Session Title: Places, roles, statuses? Creative process and work logic in the fashion industries

Fashion and luxury encompass powerful industries, which can be as versatile, transversal and forward-looking in the quality of the products they offer as in the creative processes they create. From advanced traditional craftsmanship to the digital revolution, from the insularity of the studio to the worldwide sequenced workshop, from the confidentiality of know-how to hyper media promotion, and from the hierarchy of the fashion house to the freelance designer ... How have the creative process and the logic of work organization evolved in these industries? What do they have to tell us about all the industries related to creation today?