Professor and researcher, CNAM

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Manuel Zacklad is a Professor at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, holder of the “Expression and culture at work” Chair, and also Director of the DICEN laboratory (Information and communication systems in the digital age). He has led a dual career in both the private and the public sector. After training in cognitive psychology and computer sciences, he worked in public and private research and development. His current research focuses on cooperative work and knowledge management applied to the study of communities, the service economy, and also Web-based information sharing and cooperation systems in professional, civic and cultural contexts.

Session Title: What can design teaching learn from contemporary collaborative design practices?

Collaboration is nothing new to design teaching : both historically-significant design schools and applied arts institutes in France have integrated collaborative work into their teaching methods (whether between designers or in association with other disciplines). However, a new brand of design activities seems to be centered around new values of collaboration : “participatory design”, “co-design” or even “open-design”, etc.