Laetitia BAQUÉ et Victor MOLINIÉ

Fashion designers

Laetitia Baqué & Victor Molinié

Laetitia Baqué, an HND Textile graduate specialising in embroidery, and Victor Moliné, a BA Fashion Design graduate, met in 2012 while studying for a Fashion and Textile Degree at Duperré school in Paris. They later worked together as textile designers for numerous fashion houses, before going on to found their own design, research and textile creation agency, Baqué & Molinié. Their association is based on their desire to explore their skills and create connections between their different forms of know-how. They aim to encourage collaborative practices to bring to light exchanges between craftsman and designer.

Session Title: Places, roles, statuses? Creative process and work logic in the fashion industries

Fashion and luxury encompass powerful industries, which can be as versatile, transversal and forward-looking in the quality of the products they offer as in the creative processes they create.
From advanced traditional craftsmanship to the digital revolution, from the insularity of the studio to the worldwide sequenced workshop, from the confidentiality of know-how to hyper media promotion, and from the hierarchy of the fashion house to the freelance designer ... How have the creative process and the logic of work organization evolved in these industries? What do they have to tell us about all the industries related to creation today?