Design Director at 3RW arkitekter

Jérôme PICARD - 3rwpeople

Jerôme Picard is Design Director at 3RW arkitekter in Bergen, Norway, where he has a leading role in the design implementation of urban and architectural projects, while overseeing the office’s business development and public relations. With a dual degree from École Boulle in Paris and the Architectural Association in London, Picard moves freely between the disciplines of architecture and urbanism, and was previously a project architect at OMA in Rotterdam and Dominique Perrault in Paris. Picard is also a regular lecturer and teacher at architecture schools in the UK, Norway and France.

Session Title: What conditions are necessary to ensure the transmission of knowledge and know-how?

If the notion of transmission is often associated with that of heritage, and hence with the incurring risk of repetition or of being pointless, it also transcends the idea of donation as it questions its significations, as well as the implication of its actors. The act of transmission takes place in a context which is at once a material, cultural, economic and ideological one, and which contributes, in the eyes of the receiver, to the ‘construction’ of the information that he/she is supposedly being transmitted. It is in this multifaceted context that the relationship between the receiver, his/her existing knowledge, and the transmitter, come into play.