Emmanuel GILLOZ

FabLab Manager, Le Dôme, Caen
Designer (The FoldaRap, first foldable 3Dprinter), co-founder of Nybi and the GsiLab (FabLabs of Nancy), and OpenEdge (3Dprinter manufacturer)

Emmanuel GILLOZ
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Emmanuel Gilloz explores alternatives, and experiments how to build a resilient society.
He studied Applied Arts, Product Design and Innovation Management, and as one of the pioneers of Open-Source 3D Printing (RepRap) and FabLabs, he has contributed to spreading these movements in France. He designed The FoldaRap (first foldable 3Dprinter), co-founded Nybi and the GsiLab (FabLabs of Nancy), and OpenEdge (3Dprinter manufacturer). He is now FabLab Manager at Le Dôme, Caen, and takes an interest in the Open-Badges movement.

Session Title: What can design teaching learn from contemporary collaborative design practices?

Collaboration is nothing new to design teaching : both historically-significant design schools and applied arts institutes in France have integrated collaborative work into their teaching methods (whether between designers or in association with other disciplines). However, a new brand of design activities seems to be centered around new values of collaboration : “participatory design”, “co-design” or even “open-design”, etc.