Film director and designer

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Emilie Brisavoine was born in 1983 and grew up in Cannes, in the south of France. She studied at ESAA Duperré where she graduated in Fashion and the Environment. After working as a freelance designer for luxury brands for a few years, and studying sociology at EHESS, she now teaches design and works as a film director («Pauline s’arrache », 2015 Festival de Cannes, Acid Selection, 2015).

Session Title: Industry and Cinema?: what place for the creator in the organization of work?
(Hierarchy, status, role of each member in the global chain)

skills and expertise in order to optimize creative, technical and economic performances, then it becomes interesting to question the human and structural issues implemented in this complex network. How does the creative act reveal itself, define itself and participate in a global process within an industrial chain, and more specifically in the world of film?