Product Designer

Élise FOUIN credit Gregory Brandel

Elise Fouin was born in 1979 and lives and works in Paris. She graduated in Design from École Boulle, and has chosen to stand up against the traditional approach to design, thinking about the material before thinking about the subject. She likes to play with the tactile qualities of materials, in order to reinvent subtlety. She turns, places, accumulates, adjusts, packages, polishes and varnishes, until the object is born. She is known for the delicacy and poetry of her work with different materials including paper, and was nominated for the Map Maison & Objet Talent Show in 2010. She was also awarded the Face of Design Berlin for all her creations, and was among the Designers of Tomorrow selected by Elle France Decoration & Home. Her creations reflect how design and art overlap, enabling her to participate in more artistic projects and to exhibit at the Tools Gallery and Granville Gallery in Paris. She is now working with luxury brands and retailers both in the product design and furniture fields.

Session Title: How to create a whole and consistent set from a collection of singular designs?

How can designers and editors, creators and curators, manage to work together and promote a singular aesthetic approach, while building a solid and coherent signature ?
Despite being happy alone, the creator needs the support of an editor ! To widen their scope, to sell, to communicate, to excel. Together they are able to pilot better projects and to define a unique editorial slant.
These are the issues we will be raising with a designer, a design gallery manager, and the editor-in-chief of a magazine.