Professor at School of Design, University of Quebec in Montreal

Céline Poisson
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Céline Poisson graduated in industrial design and complete a PhD in semiotics at the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM). Professor at the UQAM School of design since 1992, she founded in 2000 the graduate program in Event design. Her fields of research focus on design history, semiotics, pragmatism and methodology.

She curated an exposition and organized an international conference about philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein’s architecture (MAQ, CCA, 2005). She published « Penser, dessiner, construire. Wittgenstein et l’architecture » (Éditions de l’éclat, 2007). At the UQAM Design Center,
she exposed a project based on Thomas Berhnard’s novel « Corrections », and she co-curated and exhibition titled « Penser tout haut/Faire l’architecture » (2008, 2010). She published the « Lexique des outils pour penser tout haut » and the « Abecedarium »
(Éditions de l’éclat, 2013). She designed a memorial monument for the American philosopher Charles S. Peirce (Milford, PA, 2018). She works on a book titled « Peirce museum », on a visual edition of Wittgenstein’s « Lecture on Ethics » and she soon will participate in the reconstruction of Wittgenstein’s house in Norway.

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