Manager, Silvera - Bastille store

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After studying interior architecture, Annie Raucoules worked in the design offices of department stores (Samaritaine, Galeries Lafayette) creating temporary exhibits.
She first designed furniture and improved her knowledge by working with fabrics by leading manufacturers. In 1999, she started working for Silvera, in their department within Galeries Lafayette, and in 2005 she became manager of the Silvera store at Bastille in Paris.
Their clients are architects and individuals, and they also work with art and design schools.

Session Title: How to create a whole and consistent set from a collection of singular designs?

How can designers and editors, creators and curators, manage to work together and promote a singular aesthetic approach, while building a solid and coherent signature ?
Despite being happy alone, the creator needs the support of an editor ! To widen their scope, to sell, to communicate, to excel. Together they are able to pilot better projects and to define a unique editorial slant.
These are the issues we will be raising with a designer, a design gallery manager, and the editor-in-chief of a magazine.