101 guide to Interaction Design Education for the next decade

IxDa, the international professional association for Interaction design and Cumulus International Association for Art, Design & Media education are joining forces for a series of shared workshops about the future of interaction design education.

The goal

It’s 2018 and it’s getting complicated. Software is eating the world, digital culture is everywhere in our hands as a darker side of digital tech is emerging as a public issue.
Every business sector, every part of the society is impacted and so is design education.
New challenges are ahead of us with Artificial Intelligence & robotics, and it’s probably time to redefine what should be interaction design education for the next decade.
The game
IxDA and Cumulus are organising two workshops in France during the 1st part of the
year 2018 in order to enable design practitioners and design educators to share views
and opinions. Vision, best practices and ambition for design education would be the
content and the outcomes of those two workshops. Each workshop gathers 15 participants from IxDA, 15 participants from Cumulus.

Part 1:

Interaction Design Education Summit / Lyon (France) Feb. 3-4
Workshop happening on Sunday 4th.
Registration for the summit :

Part 2:

Cumulus conference To Get There – Designing together / Paris (France) Apr. 11-13
Workshop on Thursday 12th 10:30 – 12:30 am
Conference website :

We welcome participants to join these meetings co-organised by Cumulus and IxDA for successful outcomes and future steps together.
Expected output: A series of guidelines to be published under the umbrella of IxDA & Cumulus

Feel like you should be part of it? Contact us
IxDA secretariat
Brenda Sanderson bsanderson(at)ixda.org
Cumulus secretariat
Eija Salmi eija.salmi(at)aalto.fi,
Justyna Molik justyna.molik(at)aalto.fi