One cultural visit is included with your registration to the conference Cumulus Paris 2018 To Get There. Visits are in English.
1 visit / attendee.
Send an email to :, with the name of the visit in the object (please specify for Musée des arts décoratifs 1 of the 5 and for Beaubourg 1 or 2), and please indicate name and email of the attendee in the email.

Thursday April 12th
17.30 – 19.00

  • PHOTO VISIT FOCUS : Le marais, from the seventeenth century to Street Art

    5.30 PM – 1.5 hour – Group of 15 persons.
    IMPORTANT! It is recommended to bring your own camera, but it is also possible to use your smartphone.

The idea of FOCUS is simple: make a historical tour in Paris while receiving counseling for her photos. Paris is a fascinating city with the history that has shaped through the centuries an inexhaustible resource for beautiful shots. It is the most visited city but also the most photographed in the world and is also the first city in history to have been photographed.
Photographing is choosing a point of view, a framework, a way of seeing. With access to the history of the city, the neighborhood, monuments, photographs earn sense. A good way to combine culture and practice in a fun way!

This tour will be in the Marais district, which has retained many traces of Paris in the seventeenth century. We will see places that have shaped the century of Louis 14 and which still exist today. We will work the composition, photographic framing as well as the aperture priority to play with the depth of field (depending of your camera).

  • MUSÉE des ARTS DÉCORATIFS : 5 visits (below)

    5.30 and 5.45 PM – 1.5 hour – Group of 25 persons
    (Metro Louvre/Palais royal)

– The need for a shared language?: 5.30 PM

The languages ​​of craftsmen and creators of the Middle Ages to Art Déco
Promote the sensitive approach of the artworks through the discovery of tools, specific techniques and materials to find and understand the actions of creators, artists and craftsmen of yesterday and today. Through glass, wood or textile, discover and analyze the properties of materials but also the techniques, leading to questionning the forms and uses of everyday objects.

– Knowed and renowned actors : Martin Margiela, les années Hermès: 5.30 PM

This tribute to Martin Margiela provides the first ever opportunity in France to exhibit his women’s ready-to-wear collections for the famous parisian house in contrast with his own creations under his eponymous label. The interplay of 120 ac-cessorised silhouettes that move between innovative deconstruction and timeless luxury, offers an understanding of and an insight into Martin Margiela’s very personal approach. The fashion designer’s two worlds thus provide the starting point for the “Margiela, les années Hermès” exhibition, for which the artistic direction is to be undertaken by Martin Margiela himself.

– Happy alone ? : Bijoux d’artistes, de Picasso à Jeff Koons: 5.45 PM

From Alexander Calder to Jeff Koons and ranging from Max Ernst, Pablo Picasso and Niki de Saint Phalle to César, Takis and Louise Bourgeois, a host of modern and contemporary artists have taken a close interest in jewellery. Diane Venet, who has collected artist’s jewellery for more than thirty years, is sharing her passion for these miniature artworks that often echo the artist’s formal language. Her collection of some 230 pieces, complemented by exceptional loans from galleries, collectors and the artists’ families, chronologically and thematically illustrates the work of 150 French and foreign artists.

– Senses exaltation
: 5.30 PM

This tour develops along the way so that the perfumes created by Maison Givaudan are embodied in the works. Perfumers have worked on the register of materials and « Nobilis » Nadège La Garlantezec, a royal scent, delicate and fine composition of lavender and iris, recalls the use of floral motifs on ceramics. Composed of musk and musk essences. Ursula Wandel’s Tiergarten11 incense is associated with the preciousness of silver and its fascinating rigidity. The other nine perfumes summon our senses and lead us to a greater depth.

– Innovation – A fashion designer at the forefront
: 5.45 PM

A great inventor of a constantly renewed fashion, Martin Margiela is a forerunner of the current concepts of slow fashion or slow design which, as part of a sustainable development approach, advocate recycling and the use of the bare minimum of raw materials. He has invited a new generation to think about simplicity, understated elegance, timelessness, comfort and functionality.

Friday April 13th
16.30 – 18.00

  • The FRANÇOIS MITTERAND LIBRARY (The French National Library or BNF)

    4.30 PM – 1.5 hour – Group of 20 persons.
    The presentation of the history of the Library and of the architecture of the building helps to understand its organization as well as to discover its collections.
    During the tour, the visitors will go through the reading rooms and the Hall of the Globes, showcasing the globes gifted to Louis the 14th.

  • DUVELLEROY, the Parisian house of fans

    4.30 PM – 1 hour – Group of 10 persons.
    Founded in 1827, the Duvelleroy fan house became the official supplier of all European Courts, including the court of Queen Victoria, thanks to the beautiful execution of its collections, characteristic of the French Haute Façon.
    DUVELLEROY opened a unique showroom, yellow and black, just a few steps from the Eiffel tower. It houses the Couture collections (Haute Façon fans, designers’ fans and swan feather headgears) as well as tailor-made orders and the archives of the house. A very interesting sight in Paris.

  • VISIT PHOTO  FOCUS : Paris along the Seine

    4.30 PM- 1.5 hour – Group of 15 persons.
    IMPORTANT! It is recommended to bring your own camera, but it is also possible to use your smartphone.

Paris was built over time along the Seine. We will discover in a non-chronological order of the pieces of history of this city through some of the most emblematic monuments. We will work the photographic composition, framing and the aperture priority to play with the depth of field.


    4.30 PM – 1.5 hour – Group of 30 persons.

The exhibition Alvar Aalto proposes to take a new look at the work of the most famous Finnish architect and designer.
Through models, drawings and photographs lent by the Alvar Aalto Foundation, the major achievments of Aalto including the Paimo Sanatorium (1928-1939), the Viipuri Library (1927-1935), the Villa Mairea (1937-1939) or Maison Louis Carré (1956-1959), dialogue with a selection of works by his contempraries, bringing together design, architectur and the visual arts.
Visit by Stéphanie Quantin-Biancalani fom Cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine, co-curator.


  • CENTRE POMPIDOU: 2 visits

    4.30 PM and 4.45 PM – 1.5 hour – Group of 20 persons

-Sheila HICKS: 4.30 PM
Since the late 1950s, Sheila Hicks has been producing work exceptionally difficult to categorise. Knotting, wrapping, folding, twisting and stacking wool, linen and cotton: these are only some of the techniques and materials that have seen her undermine conventional artistic categories and their hierarchical relationships. A pupil of Josef Albers at Yale, Sheila Hicks is the heir to both a Modernist spirit that holds the distinctions between fine art, decoration and design to be unimportant and a textile practice that has its roots in pre-Columbian America.
The Lignes de vie (Life Lines) exhibition at the Centre Pompidou brings together pieces representative of her whole career: a vast, vibrant and vital installation, pulsing with form and colour, and open onto the city thanks to the gallery’s full-length glazing giving onto street level outside.

-Architectural visit and permanent collections: 4.45 PM
At the Museum, discover and explore the building and the largest collection of modern and contemporary art in Europe with a lecturer-guide. An encounter with creation in all its forms and a journey through the art of the 20th and 21st centuries guided by the key works of the movements and leading artists of modernity as well as the figures and themes of contemporary art.


    4.30 PM – 1 hour – Group of 20 persons.
    In the archives of the Maison Lesage, the largest collection of embroidery art in the world with 70 000 samples, you can find creations which have highlighted the mosy beautiful collections of Madeleine Vionnet, Elsa Schiaparelli, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Lacroix and all the famous houses of international Couture. This collection is enriched every season.
    This is the treasure that the Maison Lesage is inviting you to visit today, with a discovery of different stages in the process of creating art embroidery, from the sample to the finishing model and inviting you also to embroider yourself under the expert and passionate eye of one of the Teacher-Embroiders from the school.