11, 12, 13 APRIL 2018


Doing, imagining, learning, thinking, seeking, innovating, creating, making and building together – leaving behind all that divides, opposes and excludes. To invent tomorrow.

Design is a collective elaboration and a laboratory of possible horizons. It is as much the means to transform our environment as the manner of questioning it. It involves shared perspectives and expertise.
The project-based approach and the spirit of collaboration inherent to design make it a powerful hub of thinking, education and transformation. How can this strength be spread to all areas of life?

The Cumulus conference 2018 in Paris is adopting a cross-curricular interdisciplinary approach which highlights the collective and collaborative interest. Its aim is to make otherness a positive force and to ensure that design and this union of talents become an undeniable tool for action on reality.
In partnership for the past two years within the framework of CÉSAAP, the four Parisian Schools of Art and Design, Boulle, DuperrĂ©, Estienne, and ENSAAMA have decided to share their expertise, to mutualise experiences and to host Cumulus – To get there to invent tomorrow, together.

More information coming soon.